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Receive Instagram Likes on up to 10 photos. Results in about 1 – 12 hours. If add more than 1 photo and QTY is more than 500, we will average assigned the likes to each photo.

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How to find you Instagram photo url?

Go to (replacing Username with your username), then select your Instagram Photo and copy the Link under the Photo.

get ig photo url

Then, paste the link to the space provided. Click Add To Cart and Complete Your Order. Voila! You’re done. You should begin receiving Likes on your photo soon.


Please, set your Instagram account to public. You can change it back to private once the service is delivered. This service will not work on accounts‚ that are set to private.

Why Need More Instagram Likes and Followers?

When you own a business online it can be a little challenging, or rather, intimating to create a brand or image online. There is a lot of pressure there for someone who sells on eBay, owns an online bakery, or writes. Which are all very popular online businesses. You have to create a solid image for potential customers to turn to for information and reaffirmation that you are a real person, a real business, you are approachable, and most importantly they can contact you for questions, concerns and yes, to place orders.

One thing that you can do in your marketing is create an Instagram site. When you get started it can be hard to bring in new followers or likes. What you can do is buying Instagram likes and followers through individuals or businesses that do just that. They offer real people, real accounts and likes so that you can boost up your Social media pages, and cover several places and people in one shot. Marketing doesn’t get any easier than that. You also want to utilize other social media sites out there. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one social media site as well.  But when you are looking for respectable Instagram likes it is important to talk with the people on the phone or through video conferencing to make sure that they are real people, or a real business. This is something that you can relate to YOUR customers with. You need to know you are investing in a real, honest marketing company, just like your customers want to make sure of with you. So you truly are in your customers shoes. Use that to your advantage, and grow.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery within 12 – 48 hours.

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