Can I get more details about your services? What do I need to know prior to buying?

As a general rule, we cannot promote pages showcasing any adult, hateful or deceptive content, or promoting any fraudulent activity. Now let’s go further into each service.

FACEBOOK FANS : They are real international people. We cannot send likes to a restricted page, so please make sure yours does not have any restriction (age, country, or both), or remove them prior to buying Facebook fans, provided that your content is suited to everyone.

TWITTER FOLLOWERS : They are real inactive accounts from worldwide people that have been ceded to advertising companies.

YOUTUBE VIEWS AND LIKES : They are natural (human), and partner-safe. AdSense-enabled videos are submitted at your own risk. Your video has to be publicly visible by anyone, and restriction-less, so please make sure yours does not have any restriction (age, country, or both), or remove them prior to buying Youtube views, provided that your content is suited to everyone. If you buy Youtube likes for your video, please make sure that they are enabled and not private. Youtube likes take more time to be delivered than Youtube views because they require an action from the users directly on Youtube, whereas the video can be embedded on an external website to get views.

Is it safe for my page and my account to resort to your services?

It is 100% safe for you. Our job is clean and neat for all four social media websites we work on, 100% compliant with their respecte ToS. This is why we have never been reported any shutdown or warning from them.

Do you need the password of my account to perform your work?

Your password is not required for any of the following services – Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Youtube views, Youtube likes, Vimeo views, and Soundcloud plays & downloads. All we need is the URL of the page you want to promote, whether it be your Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/mypage), Twitter username, Youtube video page (www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoID), SoundCloud track URL (http://soundcloud.com/username/yourmusic), Vimeo video URL (http://vimeo.com/videoID), Tumblr username (http://username.tumblr.com) and password. Tumblr is the only service for which your password is required, but you can of course change it just after the campaign.

How can I pay for your services?

All payments are processed via Paypal, which is safe and user-friendly, using either your Paypal account or your credit card. Most major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club), are accepted.

Do you have a reseller or affiliate offer?

Yes we do offer reseller opportunities. Just contact us through reseller@24onlineservice.com and let us know. We will offer you discounts if you have already purchased a lot of views/other services or have orders lined up.

I have just placed my order. What should I expect now ? What is the delivery time?

We receive all the details of your order straight upon Paypal approval. Once your order is approved by our technical crew, your mailbox welcomes a new mail to let you know that business will start soon. Then, we work to start your campaign on the chosen social network. It can take 1 to 3 days to start your campaign according to the volume of our order queue. Below, you can find a summary table of our delivery times. Please note that these are average figures, so your experience may be slightly different.

I have placed an order but I did not receive any email, is it normal?

Usually, the email is sent within a few hours or less after order approval. If it’s not the case, just make sure to check the mailbox that is associated with your PayPal email address, because you will be contacted on it. Please also check your SPAM folder.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes we offer 100% money back guarantee if we will fail to deliver the views on time.